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11 May 2020

[Hall News]

While the world recovers ...

We are into week 8 of quarantine and it’s all a bit different. Our wonderful Hall is closed and events are on hold for a little while. We breathe … the world recovers … we find a routine.

To our valued clients, we don’t quite know when we’ll be allowed to re-open yet. But one thing is for sure ... we’re here and we’re ready. Nothing has changed in that respect. Our team is working and is just as enthusiastic, our Hall is just as beautiful, our Garden just as green. So please, give us a call or send an email and say ‘Hi’

For most people, other things have come to the forefront. Physical health, mental health. Or perhaps understanding the importance of human connections. More than ever, we need to find things we like to fill our time with, rather than finding the time to do the things we like. It’s all a bit different. We breathe … the world recovers ... we find a routine.

We enjoyed reading this blog How To Look After Yourself During Isolation from our partners at Hire Space, which gives some useful wellbeing tips for us home-workers. Because we’re in the same boat here at Stationers’. Trying to stay in touch, to stay active, to stay positive. So why not get in touch with us and share your tips, your reading list, your favorite yoga class on YouTube, or your quickest dinner recipe? We’d love to hear from you.

And if you’d like to take a look at Stationers’ Hall in the meantime (to reminisce about that great party or because you’ve never been), check out our virtual tour here.

But most of all, just say ‘Hi’.  While we breathe … the world recovers ... and we find a routine.

Stay safe

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